Desert of Blackened Sands

from by Norrin_Radd



The concept for this song is loosely inspired by the comic Silver Surfer Vol 3 #10, and features some small excepts of dialog from that comic.



02 - Desert of Blackened Sands

Alone, within an ocean of endless blackness.
My presence is causal. A deceleration from

Temporal possession!!!

Augmenting all matter within, shattering all limits
Obscuring the representation of space time values
Encompassing dimensions within nothingness from the void
The horizon from every side will nullify in the

Desert of Blackened Sands
Desert of Blackened Sands


Why hast thou sought me?
The alien in thy universal presence.

From nebulous spheres,
no idea can descend into manifestation without an imperfection.

Hail to thee Eternity...

Destination frequencies.
Calculating, forever, eternally

Reconfiguration, electro-static phase transformation.
Descending below the dimensionless quantities of the planck-scale.
Motionless in time, viewing every event as one.
Alpha to omega, combine to form an ideational singularity.

All the universe viewed from a single point.
Mortal thoughts incarnate futility

Disembodied apparition.
Intangibly rarefied.
Disembodied apparition.
Intangibly rarefied.
Desert of blackened sand...


from Anomaly, released April 12, 2010



all rights reserved