A Barrage of Hostile Abstractions

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10 - A Barrage of Hostile Abstractions

During the first few seconds after the big bang, the unified force is torn into separate pieces
Nucleosynthesis describes how particles are assembled into light elements.

Primordial elements provide a crucial count, a conservation of the baryon number.
Relic neutrinos form a cosmic background, peering back in to the inception of time itself.

As the universe expands, it cools, causing the decay of neutrons, from the weak nuclear force.
Charge conjugation and parity violation break the symmetry in favour of the baryon.

Annihilation of all matter!
An unknown imbalance causes the Standard Model

Ambient photons are blocked by electrons mass, no photon can escape from the electrons will.
Recombination forces opaque ions to accept electrons, freeing photons from their grasp.

Light is born...

No longer impeded through space, the dawn of cosmic radiation parallaxes overhead.
An astrophysical map of the origin sees anisotropic dissemination of all densities

Energies of unknown value create negative pressures, then
Catastrophic acceleration red shifts the universe apart.

(Maintaining the critical density)

If the Chandrasakhar limit is breached, the white dwarf collapses
Electrons fuse with protons, the formation of a neutron star.
As the layers of the star are blown off, their light will be measured
Resulting in the discovery of an endless acceleration.

Matter can not explain the visible, perpetual, expansion of the endless horizon
Energy, as a property of space itself, creates a negative force, combating gravity.

Implications determine the fate of space, galaxies escape all causality boundaries.

(Isolation of every particle)

Space emaciated away.
Virtual particles alone remains.
No signs of the past can be seen.
No signal sent will ever reach.

Space emaciated away.
Virtual particles alone remains.
No signs of the past can be seen.
No signal sent will ever reach.

Theoretical decay of the particle proton,
violating conservation of the baryon number.
Baryogenesis is becoming undone.
Actual undoing of alpha

Heat Death!

Diffusion of heat, cessation of all motion
Complete exhaustion, maximum entropy
Thermodynamically unstable system
Energy density below the will of gravity

Heat Death!

An empty husk, nothing remains
No more interactions will ever take place

Heat Death!


from Anomaly, released April 12, 2010



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