by Norrin_Radd

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alexander st. clair bardelmeier
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alexander st. clair bardelmeier wicked sick progressive death metal right here! and chiptune no less!! amazing work on this album. Favorite track: Desert of Blackened Sands.
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MxAshlynn One of the best 8-bit albums I know, combining metal-inspired rhythm & songstructure with catchy melody. Superlative use of NES-style sound restrictions. Favorite track: Reciprocal Dimensions.
Dadbro Realbad
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Dadbro Realbad Chiptune that is actually composed well and isn't strictly a gimmick? A shocker! It's the sort of album where the songs could be performed in a traditional band setup and sound good but it would lack its cold, mechanical feel gained from synthesized sounds. That said, this is heavier and has more emotional depth than most metal bands out there, and "Becoming Superliminal" is one of the best melodic hardcore songs I've ever heard. Favorite track: Becoming Superluminal.
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Four years in the making, Anomaly is a concept album following a mortal traveler exposed to the horrors of infinite time and space. Musically, Anomaly weaves together the genres of technical death metal, prog rock, and thrash into extremely complex and anomalous arrangements. Technically, Anomaly is a hand crafted tribute to the style and sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System, following all of the same limitations imposed by the original hardware. Vocals have also been painstakingly converted (not processed) in to the authentic 1bit DPCM format used on the NES. Answering the question: What would death metal have sounded like on the NES?


released April 12, 2010

All music and lyrics created by Matt Creamer (Norrin_Radd) except track 8 which features a small cover of the Disillusion song "And the Mirror Cracked, and track 15, originally written by Spiral Architect,

Artwork by Francis Coulombe,
"Anomaly" logo by Josiah Tobin


all rights reserved


Track Name: Anomaly

01 Anomaly:

Decimation! Depressurization has begun.

Gasping at your last breath
Writhing In the cold, airless void

Lack of external pressure causes expansion
Within the lungs of those exposed, death commences
Death is likely to occur if the lungs burst
Death is likely to occur if the lungs burst

Screams of sudden terror go unheard
When there is no air to carry the words

Waves of radiation! Flesh disintegration.
Mass evaporation! Boiling blood sensation.

Air embolism imminent, must seek ways to purge gas from your lungs
A sudden exhalation prevents air from entering the blood.

Gasping at your last breath.
Writhing In the cold, airless void.


Expansion causes superficial bruising due to broken arteries.
Within seconds the reducing pressure causes
nitrogen which is dissolved to form bubbles in the blood.
Brain asphyxiation begins a painful process

In the absence of air the gas exchange from the lungs works in reverse,
dumping oxygen out of the blood. Acceleration of hypoxia.

Convulsions commence as you lose conscious state. Delusional madness sets in.
Cyanosis becomes evident As the body chokes to death


How am I still alive?

Contradicting paradoxes
Unknowable constant values
Alpha begins to phase out of sync
Universal phase transition

Contradicting paradoxes
Unknowable constant values
Alpha begins to phase out of sync
Causing, anomaly.

Altered, Frequencies
Beyond, causality

Horrifying isolation leads to solitary madness
Terrifying infinities echo back from oblivion

Cannot comprehend, complex wave formations.
Outside field theory, unknowable forces dwell.

Gasping at your last breath.
Writhing in the cold, airless void.
Escape from existence!

Convoluted evolution, the mind begins to fail.
Dismantled thoughts begin to recreate the void.
Deconstruct, obliterate, ionize, recalculate.
Erase everything...
Track Name: Desert of Blackened Sands

02 - Desert of Blackened Sands

Alone, within an ocean of endless blackness.
My presence is causal. A deceleration from

Temporal possession!!!

Augmenting all matter within, shattering all limits
Obscuring the representation of space time values
Encompassing dimensions within nothingness from the void
The horizon from every side will nullify in the

Desert of Blackened Sands
Desert of Blackened Sands


Why hast thou sought me?
The alien in thy universal presence.

From nebulous spheres,
no idea can descend into manifestation without an imperfection.

Hail to thee Eternity...

Destination frequencies.
Calculating, forever, eternally

Reconfiguration, electro-static phase transformation.
Descending below the dimensionless quantities of the planck-scale.
Motionless in time, viewing every event as one.
Alpha to omega, combine to form an ideational singularity.

All the universe viewed from a single point.
Mortal thoughts incarnate futility

Disembodied apparition.
Intangibly rarefied.
Disembodied apparition.
Intangibly rarefied.
Desert of blackened sand...
Track Name: Four Lights
Track Name: Process of Macrocosmic Emaciation
Track Name: Naga Sotuva

05 - Naga Sotuva

Gather, Demons

Gather, Demons

Feeding off terror
Innocents must die

Without hesitation
Burn them, eradication

No one can harm me

The Maze of darkness
The Naga Sotuva

The battle of Maaaaaalth!

Gather, Demons

Ashtar, gather
Ashtar, gather
Ashtar, gather
Ashtar, gather


Track Name: Reciprocal Dimensions
Track Name: Paradoxes are Unveiled
Track Name: Proton Decay

08 - Proton Decay

Rotting beyond atomic comprehension!

Proton Decay!
As photons redshift into oblivion!
Insignificant remains.
The end of all reality!

As heat death befalls our ancient eternity!
Everything stalls to an absolute halt!
In a flash of infinity our cosmos lay still!
The end, a thermodynamic tranquility!

All that remains in the bleak ending of all
Beings of unknown! Origin of Black!
Dark stars, abandon
Bleed out, life's worth
Dark stars,vanished
Time's end draws near...

Entropy! Planets are gone.
Entropy! Stars are gone.
Entropy! Black holes are gone.
Proton Decay!

Dormant mother rebuild again.
Dormant mother rebuild once more.

Big Bang! Violence!
Forge the place of stars.
Emerge once more.
Expand! Matter!
Form the face of the sky.
Exist once more.

As heat death befalls our ancient eternity!
Everything stalls to an Absolute halt!
In a flash of infinity our cosmos lay still!
The end, a thermodynamic tranquility!


Entropy! Planets are gone
Entropy! Stars are gone

Proton Decay...
Track Name: Quantum Uncertainty
Track Name: A Barrage of Hostile Abstractions

10 - A Barrage of Hostile Abstractions

During the first few seconds after the big bang, the unified force is torn into separate pieces
Nucleosynthesis describes how particles are assembled into light elements.

Primordial elements provide a crucial count, a conservation of the baryon number.
Relic neutrinos form a cosmic background, peering back in to the inception of time itself.

As the universe expands, it cools, causing the decay of neutrons, from the weak nuclear force.
Charge conjugation and parity violation break the symmetry in favour of the baryon.

Annihilation of all matter!
An unknown imbalance causes the Standard Model

Ambient photons are blocked by electrons mass, no photon can escape from the electrons will.
Recombination forces opaque ions to accept electrons, freeing photons from their grasp.

Light is born...

No longer impeded through space, the dawn of cosmic radiation parallaxes overhead.
An astrophysical map of the origin sees anisotropic dissemination of all densities

Energies of unknown value create negative pressures, then
Catastrophic acceleration red shifts the universe apart.

(Maintaining the critical density)

If the Chandrasakhar limit is breached, the white dwarf collapses
Electrons fuse with protons, the formation of a neutron star.
As the layers of the star are blown off, their light will be measured
Resulting in the discovery of an endless acceleration.

Matter can not explain the visible, perpetual, expansion of the endless horizon
Energy, as a property of space itself, creates a negative force, combating gravity.

Implications determine the fate of space, galaxies escape all causality boundaries.

(Isolation of every particle)

Space emaciated away.
Virtual particles alone remains.
No signs of the past can be seen.
No signal sent will ever reach.

Space emaciated away.
Virtual particles alone remains.
No signs of the past can be seen.
No signal sent will ever reach.

Theoretical decay of the particle proton,
violating conservation of the baryon number.
Baryogenesis is becoming undone.
Actual undoing of alpha

Heat Death!

Diffusion of heat, cessation of all motion
Complete exhaustion, maximum entropy
Thermodynamically unstable system
Energy density below the will of gravity

Heat Death!

An empty husk, nothing remains
No more interactions will ever take place

Heat Death!
Track Name: Becoming Superluminal
Track Name: Nucleation of a Child Universe

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